Buying a Handbag that Suits Your Life

We own and use different kinds of accessories, and a great bag can quickly become an essential part of your day to day life. So, having the perfect bag is more important than you might think.

We’ve put together some tips to help you select the right bag for your lifestyle.


There are so many different types of materials available nowadays, in every colour you can think of. One of the best materials when it comes to the office bags is leather, as it is the most durable and looks chic for a long time, although there is a lot to be said for a well-styled messenger bag.

The type of material that suits you best, depends completely on your lifestyle. Will you be wanting the wash the bag regularly? Do you often have to travel in the rain (no suede then!)? Think about when you’ll be needing the bag most and make sure that it’s made of ‘strong stuff’ so that it can cope!


Although traditionally we all stuck to navy, grey or black in the office, with white shirts, of course, this isn’t so much the case anymore. However, if you want to use the same bag routinely, it might be best to opt for a neutral colour in the summer, and a darker shade in winter.


Let’s be honest now, we LOVE those little compartments in handbags! So why not find a bag that has the perfect amount of storage for all your daily essentials.

Some bags come complete with an in-built phone charger, if you feel like you live half your life on the train this could be really helpful! Others have co-ordinating makeup bags, laptop storage (yes, really – although maybe only good for tiny machines?), and even WiFi boosters and speakers.

Just how much do you need your bag to do?