Achieve Your 5-Minute Hair Style Make Over

Hair extensions are a hot topic on social media these days; from transforming your short hair to long in just minutes, adding volume to your hair, or getting thicker braids instantly, hair extensions are a quick and effective way to play around with your look. Among the available hair extensions, the most natural way of making your favourite hairstyle happen is by using clip-in hair extensions. With the right pair of clip-in hair extensions, no one will know you’re wearing hair extensions, and the invisible clips can’t be felt in your head.

Clip-in hair extensions have gained tremendous popularity in the past few years because their application to your hair isn’t complicated. For people who lead busy lives and don’t have time to spend hours getting semi-permanent extensions, the clip-in hair extensions are the best solution, as they can be attached and removed from the hair as and when required.

Tips for the Application of Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are healthier for your hair than getting the traditional glue-in extensions. The following are the tips for applying your clip-in hair extensions before an event or special do:

  1. Brush Your Hair: Brush your hair thoroughly using a soft paddle brush to get rid of any tangles. Separate a straight thin section of hair with your comb and clip the rest of your hair using a hair clip.
  2. Make A Solid Surface For The Wefts: The weft must have something to hold on, to prevent sliding. Apply hairspray to the root of the section to which the weft will be clipped on.
  3. Find The Zone Where Your Clips Will Not Be Visible: Draw an imaginary circle around your head from one eyebrow to another where your wefts can be clipped below.
  4. Select The Appropriate Wefts: You don’t need to use all the wefts, instead, figure out which sequence works well with your hair.
  5. Position The Wefts: Pay attention to the top of the head and make sure that the wefts aren’t peeking through it.
  6. Tease Your Crown: To have an overall voluminous look, tease your hair at the crown to add some volume to match the rest of your hair.
  7. Style Your Extension: Finally, you can go for your favourite hairstyle tools, styling the extensions with a curl look classic and timeless for every occasion.


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